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Effective Online Marketing Requires These Key Components

The 5 Elements

  • 1

    What is the desired objective? Launch, sales, leads, awareness, market research etc.

  • 2

    Sell to one = sell to many. Know who your ideal customer is and speak directly to them.

  • 3

    Map out the entire journey step by step from the initial call to action to sales & delivery.

  • 4

    Ad copy, incentives, and information that communicates key marketing messages.

  • 5

    Take advantage of software designed specifically for automated digital marketing to take care of the entire process. Lead generation all the way to customer onboarding and ascension!

The Goal

1. Goal

What's The Target?

Each campaign must have a definite objective to work towards.

The goal may be to boost sales, leads, or awareness. Or the campaign could be to research the market and test a new concept.

Whatever the goal, be clear & specific!

  • If Sales: What? Amount? By when?
  • If Leads: Who? Where? Why?
  • If Research: For what purpose?

You don't need to go into great detail, just be specific enough so it will be easy to determine if the campaign was successful or not once it's over.

2. Audience

Knowing who your audience is vital for several reasons but mostly because it's just so much easier to communicate with people you know.

Although your wider audience may contain many types of people, speak directly to your ideal customer in order to attract them.

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

  • Age, location, male, or female.
  • Goals, desires, hopes, & dreams.
  • Problems, fears, regrets, anxieties.

Talk with your best customers and with people you would like to attract as a customer. Ask them questions to find out what they want and why. Take notice of the words they use? Aim to discover how you can serve them better.


3. Strategy

Map out every step of the sale process from first point of contact to delivery.

Do this by creating a flow chart that clearly displays all potential scenarios.

Avoid complexity. Start simple and attempt to keep it as simple as possible.

Strategic planning doesn't need to be complex it just needs to be logical.

Important: Tag each participant at all major steps for future segmentation.

If you are outsourcing ensure your developer understands every single step.

4. Content

It's All About Communication

  • Raise the Energy!

    Make your audience feel good. Aim to ELEVATE the participants of your funnel so they feel EMPOWERED regardless if they buy or not.

  • Keep it Tight!

    Be CONSISTENT with design and marketing MESSAGES. Communicate with a VOICE that obviously represents your BRAND.

  • Leave Room to Thrill...

    Aim to provide an even better EXPERIENCE than the sales copy describes. Over deliver to set your brand up for LONG TERM SUCCESS!

Free Gift - Incentive

Essential Content

A Gift or Incentive

Most sales funnels attract participants with a free gift that is designed specifically to qualify leads and attract ideal customers.

The incentive, also known as a lead magnet, is often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your brand. Therefore it's a great opportunity to position your brand as _________ 'fill in the blank' .

The Incentive Must...

  1. Have a clear and accurate title.
  2. Be useful ie; solve a specific problem .
  3. Be easy to consume - not too long or complex.
  4. Be in alignment with the offer you will be selling.

Your gift could be any type of digital product such as a PDF document, video, audio, trial membership etc. It's a good idea to split test different gifts for conversions and lead quality.

5. Systems

  • Landing Pages

    Highly focused lead generation and sales pages.

  • Presentations

    Webinars/live video, screen recordings, slides, audio.

  • Shopping Cart

    Seamless! Clean and simple with minimal steps.

  • Communication

    Support and engage via email, social, sms, survey.

  • Segmentation

    Tag participants each step to monitor and re-target.

  • Asset Delivery

    Easy downloads, member access, and physical shipping.

A worthy goal, a smart strategy, and great content delivered via sophisticated systems is essential for a successful marketing campaign.

However... Just HOW successful depends on the level of CLARITY one has whilst developing the campaign!

The Goal
Develop Campaigns
...With Clarity!

Empower Your Marketing

The Ladder of Value framework helps you to gain an immense level of clarity in all areas of your marketing.

As soon as you learn it you will recognize it and see it in action all over the Internet. You will be wishing you knew about this sooner.


  • Vision: Desired outcome for ideal customer
  • Acknowledge: The current status of ideal customer
  • Ladder: Each step between current status and vision
  • Urgency: Motivate and inspire forward momentum
  • Elevate: Method to empower your ideal customer
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